May 20, 2024


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Invisalign Straightens Teeth Invisibly

Is your smile not quite what it could be? Do you tend to take most of your pictures with your mouth closed? But at the same time, do you not want to fix whatever might be bothering you about your teeth because you don’t want to wear braces? Indeed braces are often associated with the younger wearers.

Some people find the look to be unappealing for them, and if you happen to fall into this group and you will be happy to know that there is a solution for you! Invisalign straightens teeth invisibly, or at the least, it straightens them very nearly invisibly.

Invisalign Method

Invisalign consists of a series of trays molded to fit the exact contour of your teeth. If you are thinking that Invisalign is something like the mouth guard that you see professional football players wearing, well, you couldn’t be further from the truth. Invisalign trays have such an exacting fit to your teeth that they really are very nearly invisible and also essentially un-noticeable to feel in your mouth. The idea is that you replace one mold with another after two weeks, slowly shifting your teeth into a new position.

The process of getting the Invisalign system will begin with a trip to your dentist, where he or she will decide about whether Invisalign is right for you. the dentist for invisalign will help to correct the teeth’ overcrowding, widely spaced teeth, crossbite, overbite, and underbite.

So, in essence, Invisalign is used to shift the location of teeth that are otherwise misaligned. This can have beneficial effects appearance-wise and have positive health benefits. For example, if your teeth are overcrowded, you’re at a higher risk for dental decay and gum disease, and having overcrowding corrected with Invisalign can indeed lower these risk factors.

Once you visit with your dentist and decide whether Invisalign will work for you, the next step involves having impressions of your teeth made. These impressions will then be digitized, which will help your doctor plan out your course of treatment. Once your Doctor has created the method for straightening your teeth, the Invisalign trays will then be made.

You will need to wear your Invisalign trays at all times, except for eating and drinking, for which the Invisalign tray will be removed. In no time at all, the teeth will begin to straighten towards their final position.

The great thing about the Invisalign System is that it allows you to have your teeth straightened without anyone having to know about it. You can be on your way to having that tremendous confident smile that you have always wanted, and in the meantime, your current look will not be altered in any way. So why put up with a smile that you are unhappy with any longer if you do not have to? Check out the Invisalign System today and find out if this might be the answer for you.