May 18, 2024


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Taxpayer Solutions You Can Sure Of

As a taxpayer, the tax office offers you the option of free, paperless reporting of the VAT return using a special software solution. The handling and procedure with form is relatively simple. With the described instructions for download and installation, you have created the necessary basic requirements for transferring the VAT return at home.

Advanced VAT

From January 1st, 2013, however, the advance VAT return can only be submitted with an electronic certificate. It is therefore strongly recommended that you apply for the electronic certificate as soon as possible via online portal.

After entering and checking the tax-relevant data, you have the option of printing out a transfer protocol for your files.

Your sales tax due will be reduced in the form by the specified input tax (from deductible incoming invoices for the operation of your photovoltaic system). Using the tax app is essential there.

Help with the VAT return

  • In contrast to some employees, those who work as entrepreneurs lose.
  • An important prerequisite is that the invoices for the input tax deduction are actually available.
  • First enter your required master data in an information block on the sales tax form, then enter your taxable sales (net) at the tax rate of (currently 19%) in line number 81.

With the appropriate business registration (without making use of the small business regulation), you can now enter the deductible input tax amount under line number 66. In this way, you can easily receive the remaining amount for the VAT prepayment.

However, when you register to take up commercial, self-employed activity at your responsible tax office, you have to make use of the option of regular taxation or the small business regulation if your annual turnover limit of 17,500.00 euros is observed. In this case you would not have to pay sales tax to the tax office. The disadvantage, however, would be that you would not be able to apply the input tax from the installation etc.

To simplify filling out the tax forms, it is recommended to prepare a separate list of the individual amounts of the incoming feed-in tariffs and the incoming invoices (operating expenses for administrative work, repairs, etc.).

Timing of tax returns and payment method

  • In the first two years of operation of a photovoltaic system, you are obliged to submit an electronic VAT return for each calendar month by the 10th of the following month at the latest. For important reasons, however, you could apply for a permanent extension from the tax office.
  • After this period has expired, you have the option of changing the submission period to quarterly under specified conditions. Decisive for this is a low previous year’s figure load, which must be clarified. You will also save time if you issue a direct debit authorization for VAT claims to the tax office.

Both the invoice for the photovoltaic system and the electricity feed-in contract must be submitted with the first advance VAT registration. In addition to the monthly or quarterly advance sales tax returns, the tax office also requires an annual sales tax return, which should match the reports that have been added together. If corrections are made in the course of the year, a claim for reimbursement may arise.

Last Words

If you do not trust yourself to process the income tax assessment due to the photovoltaic income, you should leave this task to the tax advisor or an income tax assistance association. These specialists know how to handle annual depreciation and other tax-reducing credit options.