May 21, 2024


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How should I find employees for my business?

The Intelligencer

It’s inevitable that, at some point, even the smallest of small businesses will need to hire employees.

How you go about the recruiting and hiring process could vary based on the position available and your company’s industry.

In general, word of mouth is a great first step to seek new talent. And sometimes that’s all you need to find the right candidate.

For many of us, word of mouth these days involves posting to your favorite social media networks. For positions like an administrative assistant, office help, or someone to assist in a shipping department, I suggest sharing on some of the platforms you’re probably already using regularly, including Instagram and Facebook, and perhaps Craigslist.

The Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry also can help find employees by posting jobs for your business. The department has a bank of individuals looking for work and can cross-reference them with the job opening to see if any are a match.