April 17, 2024


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Writer upset about neighbor’s roaming pets | Eufaula Tribune

Dear Editor,

We moved to Eufaula almost 14 years ago because we were looking to settle down and plan our retirement future. We moved from high stress, profile corporate driven jobs to more local positions and a more relaxed lifestyle we love. We were able slow down a bit and ease into our aging process gracefully. We love Eufaula, Alabama.

This whole COVID-19 and what has appeared to be newsworthy chaos and entitlement with the younger generation left me thinking a lot about people in general.

I’ve been in the nursing and mental Health field for more than 40 years and am quite empathetic and caring, not just because of my profession but because of my deep Christian faith. I truly believe one should do unto others as they would want done to them.

I say this because I live at the Country Club of Alabama.. It is not subject to the city laws pertaining to pets. Although cats don’t have to be leashed, they MUST stay on your property.

I have a neighbor who adopted a stray cat. This cat runs freely. The cat can be found in my shrubs, under our vehicles, drinking out of my porch fountain, sunning on my driveway, sleeping on my patio furniture, etc. When my neighbors moved in, they allowed their small dog to roam freeing in the garage and yard without a lease. It attempted to charge my dog while it growled and came into my yard. There I stood in my yard with a lease on my dog who was trying to relieve himself.

My dog lives inside my house and always exits with a leash. Recently, he broke his leash chasing the cat, causing my husband to lose his balance and almost fall.