May 30, 2024


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Our top picks for board and card games to play in isolation

Have you already done that puzzle that you had in the back of your closet that has multiple missing pieces a few hundred times in isolation because lockdown is B.O.R.I.N.G.? Well, look no further, for some entertainment, because we’re about to let you know the best board games you can get around while in isolation.

This year has been a shit show, and we’re all scrambling to figure out what we can do at home that won’t leave us bored to tears. Sure, we all went through the initial phase of baking so many delicious loaves of banana bread, and we found it quite the novelty to be able to watch as much Netflix as humanly possible.

Now that we’re a few months in, the novelty has completely worn off, and we’ve already packed on the pounds due to our baking. As it’s time to find some new things to do, might we draw your attention to expanding your games closet to more than just a few ratchet puzzles?

From ones you can play with your housemates, to two-player games, and even some that you can either play alone or by social distancing, this list holds the key to releasing you from your Friday night boredom.

Phase 10

Like Uno, but on crack. This bad boy will make you so frustrated, and so vindictive on your housemates, it’s not even funny.

Mattel Games: The Official Phase 10 Tin [Amazon Exclusive]

Cards Against Humanity

Because nothing says lockdown like pissing off the people you love. Or, who knows? You may realise some dirty side to your partner’s sense of humour that you never knew before.

Cards Against Humanity


Well, we’re already living in one, so why not make it a bit more fun? It might also make you a bit more paranoid, but maybe paranoia is better than treating the pandemic like it’s already over.

Pandemic board game ‐ English edition


Drop off the other half of this bad boy with a mate, and you can even play while completely social distancing. But, you’ve got to make sure that you guys don’t cheat, or that’s no fun.

Battleship Electronic with Carry Case - Naval Combat Game - 1 to 2 Players - Strategy Board Games - Ages 8+


Although this is best left for a big family, this game will get you rolling on the ground laughing from all the dumb guesses your team mates throw you.

Taboo - Family Word Games - Unspeakable Fun - 4 Plus Players - Ages 13+

Connect Four

Sure, it’s simple. But, when you’re fanging for any idea of fun these days, it actually turns out to be a ripper of a time.

Connect 4 - 4 in a Row - Classic Game - 2 Players - Kids Toys Ages 6+

Guess Who

Another game that you can play while staying entirely socially distanced. For a bit more fun, use pictures of your family and friends instead of the stock cards that come with.

Guess Who Classic - the original guessing game - 2 Players - Board Games & Kids Toys - Ages 6+

Monopoly – Melbourne Edition

Oh Melbourne, how we miss thee! With lockdown keeping us away from every beauty that Melbourne has to offer, we can at least take a trek around the city while staying safe indoors.

Melbourne Monopoly Board Game

The Game Of Life

Well, we can’t live our actual lives right now, so we might as well live in the board game world and see how many pink or blue pegs we end up with in our car.

The Game of Life Game


Living the solo life in lockdown? Well, you can’t rule out board games completely. There’s always good ol’ Solitaire. But, you can jazz it up a little by playing with a cool deck of cards.

BeeSpring Waterproof PVC Playing Cards Set Pure Color Black Poker Card Classic Magic Tricks Tool, 54pcs/Deck