July 14, 2024


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My New Brand: Wyeth – Damsel In Dior

My New Brand: Wyeth – Damsel In Dior

I can count on one hand the most pivotal moments in my career and today is one of them.

Today I am launching a new brand that I am co-founder and Creative Director of called Wyeth.

The American artist, Andrew Wyeth once said:

“One’s art goes as far as and as deep as one’s love goes.”

My love of fashion started from a very young age. Growing up on a cotton farm, I not only played dress up and make believe, but I also learned how much work and how many people go into making the garments of clothing that we wear. My love of fashion only grew more as I moved to Chicago where I worked in my Aunt Celeste’s boutique, where I learned all about what goes into developing a relationship with customers, putting together outfits and how to manage a business in the fashion world. And the love affair blossomed into a creative expression of working as a fashion blogger, content creator and influencer where I’ve been sharing my perspective right here on this website for over a decade. Through this experience, I’ve attended fashion week shows around the world and worked with some of the most prestigious brands in the industry.

My love for fashion runs deep. As a blogger who has been sharing her life with the world for 11 years, I wanted to create a new brand that wasn’t about me, but about you.

Meet Wyeth, a new Modern Classic. Timeless, relaxed styles inspired by California.

Every piece you will find on Wyeth is hand selected and curated just for you.

Our Wyeth collection is made and wearable. We want you to reach for your Wyeth pieces every day: the perfectly tailored white shirt, a buttery cashmere sweater and a timeless nautical stripe. I do hope you’ll visit our website where you will discover our edit of hand-selected brands and in-house line of cotton and cashmere essentials. And if you’re in Los Angeles, please visit our flagship store that was beautifully designed by the talented Martha Mulholland.

Just like a beautiful painting’s colors, a farmer’s harvest, and a new fashion brand, there were a tremendous about of individuals who worked together to make this dream possible. I want to thank Runyon Group for believing this brand from the very beginning, Velvet Clothing for helping us to create the highest quality clothing that we’re proud to put our Wyeth name on, and last but most importantly, Grant for being my partner in life.

In the feature image, I’m wearing our Presidio Cashmere Dress

You can find images of the store below but be sure to view more images from our fall look book and collection at ShopWyeth.com.

xoxo jacey