July 14, 2024


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9 Tips to Handle Your Grieving Process —

9 Tips to Handle Your Grieving Process —

Grieving is one of the most challenging feelings you’ll face in your life. Whether you’ve lost a parent, a marriage, or a friend, you’re likely going to struggle. Nevertheless, it’s possible to get through the grieving process with these healthy habits. Heather V. Shore presents some tips to help you begin this journey.

Express Your Grief 

Expressing your grief is essential during the grieving process. Of course, everyone has different ways of handling their grief. Some people prefer to show their emotions, whereas others prefer to hide them, notes What’s Your Grief?

However, bottling your emotions up can lead to increased feelings of anxiety and loneliness. There’s been a massive change in its attitude toward mental health recently, and many companies have in-house therapists to help employees express their grief.  


Taking our feelings to God helps soften the blow of grief. In prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, take everything to God. Philippians 4:6 Making prayer the focus of your grief recovery can make all the difference in the process.

Start Exercising 

Exercise not only benefits your body but also your mind. If you’ve always avoided exercise, now is a great time to start a routine. Take things slowly at first, and gradually work up to more involved activities. Even taking a walk outdoors is a great way to begin your fitness journey.

Learn a New Hobby 

Everyone has different ways of coping with grief. Some people like to hide inside their house and seclude themselves, which is always a bad idea. However, other people prefer to immerse themselves in a brand new hobby or pastime. Many people find that when they combine hobbies with spending time outdoors that it helps them grieve

Keep a Healthy Home

If you’re living in a cluttered and unorganized home, this could exacerbate your stress levels. Ask your family and friends to help you declutter, let in more natural light, and introduce some mood-boosting indoor plants. When your home is a stress-free space, you’ll find it easier to manage your grief.

Start a New Business 

It’s usual to evaluate your life when you’re grieving. However, if you’re unhappy with your career, it’s an excellent time to start a business. Starting a company based on your passions is never easy, but it’s entirely possible. 

Here are some steps:

  • Choose your target market. You need to choose your market based on your passion or interests. 
  • Select your marketing budget. It’s hard to build a business without a marketing strategy, so decide how much money you’ll need to market your business. A report cited by HubSpot suggests 82% of marketers focus on content marketing.
  • Decide your niche. Without a niche, you can’t differentiate yourself from your competition. So pick one. 
  • Choose your goals. Do you want a massive exit down the line, or do you want passive income? Choose your goals wisely. 
  • Work from home. Setting up a home office and working remotely can do wonders for your mental health. Not only is stress reduced by not having to commute every day, but productivity will improve as will your work-life balance.

Accept Your Feelings 

It’s okay to grieve. Grief can bring many raw emotions to the surface, including deep childhood insecurities that destroy your mental health. Regardless of what your grief unearths, accept those emotions. 

Don’t hold in anger, loneliness, or sadness. These are emotions you need to accept. It’s hard to grow until you accept your issues. 

This is where prayer comes into play. Prayer is a powerful way to help in the grieving process. Not only is it an active way to accept your feelings, but you’re also handing matters over to God, who may very well prompt you to take measures like those listed here to both cope with grief and eventually overcome it.

Avoid Burning Out at Work 

It’s so easy to burn yourself out at work, and many employees have reported burnout from working at home. Sadly, burning out at work is common when you’re grieving. 

Here are some tips to avoid burnout:

  • Set boundaries. Tell your company how long you’re willing to work, and stick to it. 
  • Rest. Set aside time to rest your mind and soul through meditation, exercise, or hiking.
  • Practice hobbies. Set yourself a specific time every day, night, or week to enjoy your hobbies. 

Heal Your Grief Now 

It can be difficult to relax and unwind when your mind is focused on grieving. But with the tips above, you’ll be able to deal with your sadness and work through the grieving process.

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