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DealerPeak Leveling the Playing Field for the Automotive Industry

PHOENIX, Aug. 11, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — As is the case within most sectors of the U.S. economy, the impacts of the coronavirus have dealt a devastating blow to the American automotive industry. This pandemic has highlighted the difficulties faced by many small-town, family-owned, independent dealerships; difficulties which many of the sophisticated, tech-savvy dealerships have been fortunate enough to avoid thus far.

While the disparity between large and small businesses has always been a prevalent issue in the public mind, specifically as it relates to the growing “Buy Local” movement, it’s companies like DealerPeak who are truly making moves to narrow the performance gap between large and mid-sized to small dealerships.

DealerPeak has become a staple of the automotive industry in recent years as a key provider of customer relationship management (CRM) solutions for car dealerships across the country. Their most recent CRM innovation goes by the name CarDog, and is a first-of-its-kind program designed to cater to the needs of the smaller, independent dealers whose unique needs have gone largely unheard by the rest of the automotive CRM marketplace.

“It’s the independent dealers who can’t always afford the latest technology that will benefit the most from the power of the CarDog CRM. CarDog allows dealers to give their customers the communication methods they have become accustomed to, while managing their leads more effectively, with 100% accountability. It’s an intuitive, mobile-friendly platform that gives the little guy all of the capabilities of the larger national chains,” says Matt Moore, President of CarDog

While such software typically costs thousands of dollars, CarDog has worked hard to provide consumers with a more affordable option that starts at only a hundred dollars for a single user. This price point not only affords independent dealers access to one of the markets top-performing CRMs, but changes the way they’ll be able to do business, especially when you take into account the features that the CarDog CRM boasts for its users.

About DealerPeak

DealerPeak entered the automotive space in 1999 by creating a Lead Management system for a large dealer group.Today, DealerPeak provides automotive CRM and Digital Marketing solutions, customized for dealers of all sizes. From a single-user independent used car dealership to a complex, enterprise-level dealer group with centralized lead management and marketing, DealerPeak prides itself on providing quality technology services and excellent customer support to its dealer partners. Visit www.cardog.com to learn more.

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