April 17, 2024


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County ordinance ends sale of pets from ‘puppy mills’

Farmland in Silverdale says it will no longer sell puppies as a countywide ban on selling pets from large-scale breeders.

Animal advocates in Kitsap saw years of work come to fruition this week as an ordinance to ban the sale of pets from “puppy mills” went into effect. 

It comes after a decade of educating the public about the conditions animals raised by large-scale commercial breeders go through and working to get laws enacted in each city in Kitsap. 

The ordinance was passed last July by the Kitsap County commissioners, with a goal to ensure buyers are getting healthy pets and to promote animal welfare. It went into effect on July 22. 

Karyn Moni was one of the advocates who began the effort. A group called Kitsap Animal Advocates was formed to help educate the public about pet stores sourcing animals from puppy mills, and from there many others joined the cause.