June 23, 2024


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Working from home changing the way we dress

Mary Kyriakakis, also known as Mrs. K,makes sure the suit on this mannequin looks just right at Mr. and Marks K's Men's Suits and Accessories in Somerset.

They took a big hit when the COVID-19 restrictions played havoc with the wedding and school prom seasons. Now, those who make their living selling men’s suits are also feeling the pain caused by work-from-home becoming so commonplace.

Suits are not being worn as often. Professionals who routinely spent five work days a week in a nice suit and tie now find themselves at home or office dressed casually as they do much of their work alone, remotely. That’s not good news in the word of suit sales.

“It’s declined,” said tailor Tony Koutsogiannis, who with his sister Mary Kyriakakis owns and operates Mr. and Mrs. K’s Men’s Suits and Accessories on County Street in Somerset. “Because of COVID, yeah. We took a big bang. A lot of people are still working from home.”