May 30, 2024


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Where to Get Delicious Hot Chocolate Bombs: Greenville, SC

Where to Get Delicious Hot Chocolate Bombs: Greenville, SC

We lost count of how many times we saw, “Where can I find one of those hot chocolate bombs in Greenville?” posted in the past couple of years. Since this is one of the more pleasant things to come about in recent years, we want to make sure everyone has that hot chocolate bomb they are craving.

We scoured the interwebs to locate the local makers hopping onto the chocolate bomb-making trend. We’re not at all salty that we didn’t think of doing this years ago. But we figure if we eat a salted caramel chocolate bomb, it will turn our moods around (and anyone else’s for that matter). 

For more hot chocolate goodness, check out Greenville Speaks Hot Chocolate or  Where to Find the Perfect Cup of Hot Chocolate in Spartanburg for more drinkable chocolate goodness!

Photo Credit: White Elm Bakehouse, with permission

What Are Hot Cocoa Bombs??

Someone thought to make chocolate balls filled with marshmallows that melt when hot milk gets poured over them. 

It’s genius, and I keep wondering why I didn’t think of it???

The good news is that someone did, and that idea is getting duplicated locally. So this super trendy edible item is obtainable by just about anyone. These delicious treats come in all different flavors, and you can even find them for your favorite sports fan or with a kick of liquor hiding inside. 

This year, more than ever, it’s essential to help support small businesses, and I can’t think of a better way to do that than with the gift of chocolate. 

Where to Buy Hot Cocoa Bombs in Greenville, SC

Pick up Hot Cocoa Bombs from the brick and mortar locations. Make sure to order ahead closer to the holidays, as they will sell out and be hard to find unless you plan. *Prices subject to change

Chocolate Dreams Shop | Located inside of Shoppes Off Trade – 410 West Poinsett Street, Greer

  • $7.50 Each | Collegiate themed 
  • Price Varies – $6.50 + Each | Character themed 
  • Price Varies – $5.50 + Each Price Varies | Specialty shape 
  • $6.50 | Coffee, espresso, and traditional bombs

One Sweet Mama | Order Directly or Purchase In-Person at Clare’s Creamery

  • $6.75 Each | Traditional Flavors
  • $6 | Gingerbread Latte Pour Overs

SoBella Sweets – Located at The Sweet Mermaid Boutique – 906 West Poinsett Street, Greer

  • $6 Each | Traditional Hot Cocoa Bombs
  • $7 Each | Cafe Mocha, Toasted Marshmallow
  • $8 Each | Character Bombs

Where To Buy Hot Cocoa Bombs In Spartanburg, SC

Main Street Sweets – 119 Main Street. Woodruff

  • $7 Each | Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, and White Chocolate Bombs

Ordering Hot Cocoa Bombs For Local Pick Up or Delivery in The Upstate

These Hot Cocoa Bomb makers are working out of a home kitchen and come highly recommended by readers. Please be cautious when ordering and paying in advance from social media posts.

The Chocolate Bomb

  • $8 Each | Assorted Flavors
    classic, mocha, peppermint bark, and salted caramel 

Hot chocolate bombs are a fun twist on hot chocolate. I love creating flavors and making the bombs a fun surprise with different marshmallows. My husband and kids love trying my creations out. It is also fun watching customers watch my videos at the markets for the first time and seeing the marshmallows come out. We have been working hard this past month on our website and it is finally here! Check out!

Emily Lemieux Yeargin

Photo Credit: White Elm Bakehouse, with permission

Sweets By Julie 

  • $8 Each | Chocolate bombs with or without marshmallows

The Southern Asian

  • 6 / $30 | Decorated Hot Cocoa Bombs