May 26, 2024


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What is The Best Reflective Roof Coating?

Many factors determine what is the best reflective roof coating. It depends on several things. First, it is determined what you are looking to achieve. If you are replacing a roof on your business or home, you may only need something that will give you the most visibility and protection for the time being. You can have great-looking, affordable, and eco-friendly New Orleans white roof coatings.

If you are thinking about making a change and want to do so to make your roof last longer and improve safety for your family then you may be more concerned with making a long-term change to a reflective roof coating. Many commercial building owners have made changes in the coatings on their roofs to save money and increase their safety. Most of these changes have been positive but there are a few that have been negative.

Reduce on the amount of roof coating needed

Most builders have tried to reduce their overhead by doing away with the spray-on type application, foam-based coatings, and even aluminum-based products. These changes did help cut down on the amount of roof coating needed but the cost has still risen. Most experts now agree that if you are looking to make an impact on a small area, like on the roof of your business, you don’t need one of these products at all. These products can also clog up water pipes underneath and make it harder for water to run off of the roof.

The other major concern about white roof coatings is that they reflect only about 30% of the sunlight that hits them. This does not provide you with much protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Think about how many times you turn the fan on in your home during the summer to find out that the room is warmer than you would like. Even in the warmer months, you may still find that your windows are blocked from the direct sunlight. By using a reflective roof coating you will only block part of the sunlight which will allow for more heat to get through.

Concern with white roof coatings

Another concern with white roof coatings is the fact that the product can chip over time. Over time the aluminum bonds will begin to dissolve, which will allow rain and other weather conditions to penetrate your roof. This will eventually weaken the entire roofing system. With some coating systems, you may have to replace the entire thing over a certain period.

There is one last negative to many of these products but that is that over time they can deteriorate your home’s siding but this is nothing compared to the benefits that you will get. To avoid this problem it is important to choose a product that is made of a stronger material that is going to stand up to harsher conditions. There are several products out there that meet these criteria. You can find something suitable for your home if you are looking for the best reflective roof coating.