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Upstate teen raises chickens for her summer business

Sophia Pahnke, 15, holds one of her family's pet chickens in their backyard, July 26, 2022 in Taylors, S.C.. The teen is spending her fleeting summer days raising chicken for a fledgling business. (Stephanie Mirah/The Post And Courier via AP)

Sophia Pahnke, 15, retains a single of her family’s pet chickens in their yard, July 26, 2022 in Taylors, S.C.. The teen is expending her fleeting summer time days elevating rooster for a fledgling business enterprise. (Stephanie Mirah/The Write-up And Courier by means of AP)


Sporadic peeps ring out from further than the 4 partitions of heated cages as chicks poke their heads out to feed from a very small trough.

Most of the dozens of week-aged chickens congregate in one cage, except a single chick divided from the other individuals. Sophia Pahnke opens the lid and pulls it out.

She cradles the brown and yellow speckled child, no greater than her fist. After arriving on a plane around a week back from a business hatchery in New Mexico, all the birds depend on Sophia as their momentary caregiver, specially the a single she cups in her hand.

When the other members of the flock recognized that chick was the most vulnerable, they ganged up on it. For now it stays on your own. When it is stronger, it will return to the flock.

“She’s possibly heading to be a definitely sweet chicken,” Sophia’s 12-year-aged sister Jill mentioned of the very small a single.

Sophia enjoys chickens and their personalities. She counts them between her hobbies together with painting, doing work out, discovering the outdoor and actively playing the piano.

“A great deal of people today want them for the manufacturing,” Sophia said. “But, I see them as pets a ton of occasions due to the fact, if you definitely devote time with them, you see all their personal personalities, primarily with my chickens. I seem at them, and I’m like, ‘I know what you’re gonna do in this second.’”

Sophia is 15, getting ready to commence 10th grade this fall. She spends her fleeting summertime times caring for the chicks, nurturing them into pullets — the time period for young hens.

She will offer them this September as section of her recently produced tiny organization, Chook Brains Chickens. The chicks are 5 breeds: Easter eggers, black copper marans, buff Brahmas, brown leghorns and silver-laced Wyandottes. They assortment in price from $15 to $25. Sophia was excited for the reason that just one Easter egger experienced already been reserved at the stop of July.

“I feel it’ll be very thriving if I can get it up and managing,” Sophia explained. “So quite a few folks have an desire in chickens, and so several people want a very little piece of farm where ever they are.”

On various acres in North Carolina, Sophia’s grandmother and aunt care for four cows, a donkey, two horses and 15 chickens.

Many thanks to her spouse and children, Sophia has been close to barnyard animals most of her daily life. She could be discovered sitting down in her grandmother’s coop every time she visited.

When her loved ones moved to its latest house in Taylors just about a ten years ago, she performed fake in the wide yard, acting like a fairy or princess and operating by way of the thick woods. She and her sister at times imagined they lived in colonial moments, choosing up rocks and contacting them “eggs.”

Around a 12 months back, the Pahnke family was at a Tractor Provide Co., and Sophia itched with the drive for her family to treatment for their very own chickens. The siblings banded together and wrote a poem to convince their parents.

Less than towering trees in the family’s property, their birds — Snooki, Scarlet, Amelia Egghart, Gale, Gerty, Eloise, Millie, Penny, Olga and Diesel — now strut inside of the coop and cage, safe from predators.

The Pahnke young ones have chores to treatment for the chickens and their doggy that rotate weekly. 1 fills the foodstuff bowls, locks up the coop at night time and gathers the eggs. Yet another handles the drinking water, and the third feeds and washes their German wirehaired pointer, Blue.

Sophia calls caring for the birds treatment. When she is within the significant cage, the chickens bounce on her head and again, pecking at her freckles. She hung up toys to continue to keep them entertained — a swing designed up of a adhere and rope, and a mirror adhered to the wall.

Often if Diesel catches a glimpse of himself in the reflection, he’ll peck at it, hoping to knock out any probable competitiveness for his prime location in the coop. Gerty also managed to eke her way up to the top rated of the coop’s pecking get — a job usually accomplished aggressively — by being a form bird, Sophia stated.

The Pahnkes now buy their household chickens from Ayman Kaddouri, a vendor in Hendersonville, North Carolina, nicknamed “The Rooster Gentleman.” Sophia at the time instructed him on a stop by to his area: “I believe you have my aspiration work.”

Kaddouri inspired Sophia to start off her company. So this summer months she launched Chicken Brains.

Sophia’s mom, Tara, mentioned the nuances of her daughter starting off a company with a Greenville County personnel a couple weeks back again. Neither she nor her husband, Richard, occur from a business background. The loved ones is in the process of obtaining a organization license and doing work by means of insurance policies troubles.

Sophia begun by initial choosing the breeds to promote, producing business and contingency options, launching a web page and shopping for brooders — the temperature-management cages. In late July, the chicks arrived. Her business enterprise playing cards just lately came in the mail and she is printing flyers to advertise. Sophia is funding section of the undertaking on her possess, using the cash she tends to make from piano lessons.

She checks on her chicks four or five occasions daily, often just for fun. She conducts temperature checks and head counts, fills up their meals and water troughs, and frequently cleans the cages.

“My greatest be concerned ideal now is that I labored actually, actually tough, and it could thoroughly, like, flunk the initially time all-around,” Sophia claimed. “But I believe I’m accomplishing all the appropriate points. So I just have to operate in the correct way pursuing it.”

She has decided to sell her chicks at 8 months previous since whilst chicks are “super sweet,” they are a large amount of do the job and vulnerable to pressure, illness and infections. Not all house owners want to deal with that. Pullets are absolutely-feathered, less sensitive to temperature adjustments, can go into coops with larger birds and are nearer to laying eggs.

After the birds strike four weeks old, Sophia will individual them throughout her two cages to give them a lot more area. Sophia wishes to intellectually encourage her chicks by placing swings in the cages to follow stability. It will help give them “brains” she laughed when searching at the name of her small business created on a piece of wooden higher than their cages.

The 1st working day the pullets will be completely ready for choose up is Sept. 24. The birds can be reserved on her website.

Sophia starts off 10th grade at Greer Center Faculty in the coming weeks. In the foreseeable future, Sophia wants to study business enterprise formally and run a passion farm on the facet, most likely adding goats to her lineup. For now, she goals of coming dwelling from faculty one working day and checking her e-mail to see many requests for chickens.

“I really want people to basically appreciate them as a great deal as I do,” Sophia stated.