July 23, 2024


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Transformation toward eCommerce in automotive retailing

With the addition of digital retailing solutions, automotive online transactions in 2021 were just over 13% of eCommerce sales. However, all these sales still required some level of in-person sales support.7  

Digital retailing and fully online eCommerce are often viewed as synonymous, but they are not. Digital retailing enables some of the consumer journey with tools that allow consumers to shop and compare, configure, get trade-in valuations, and estimate payments. However, completing a digital retailing deal still requires manual intervention by the retailer. 

Automotive eCommerce represents the convergence of existing digital retailing capability with new automation and data intelligence resulting in a fully online end-to-end purchase experience that is hands-off for the retailer.

eCommerce provides retailers benefits such as expanded geographical reach, more profitable deals, lower capital requirements and improved cash flows.