May 30, 2024


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The Peterson Museum Is Selling A Truly Bizarre Smart Car You Probably Didn’t Know Existed

Besides the scarcity of being one of maybe 2000 of its kind, the Smart Crossblade’s strangeness (and lack of street-legality) is apparent just from looking at it. This is almost more like a proof-of concept, or possibly even a golf cart, than a full-blown automobile.

Instead of doors it has bars that look more like thrill ride restraints designed to keep you from falling out rather than absorb impacts. There’s no windshield — just a small piece of curved glass at the front that sits well below the driver’s chest line. And it has no roof. Not like in a convertible sense where the roof can be retracted; there just isn’t one. Clearly it’s not something we can expect to see on the road outside of maybe a car show.

As interesting as the Smart Crossblade may be to enthusiasts and collectors, it’s more of a curiosity you can admire (and possibly drive up and down your driveway) than a proper means of transportation.