July 14, 2024


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Sales Growth – How to gain new customers

Sales Growth – How to gain new customers

Before jumping into the 4 methods, I just want to remind you of the importance of changing your mindset when thinking ‘Oh I wish I had more customers’.

If you focused more on ‘Oh I wish I had more sales’, this would open your eyes to exactly what your end goal is, that is making sales and not gaining likes or more followers on Instagram.

The 4 sales-generating methods therefore are:

Method 1 – Incentivise sign-ups to your community (blog, newsletters, community) with a free gift or a % off and this has to be followed up with a solid EDM sequence ready to nurture and up-sell them into a sale. Focus on writing copy that converts, along with strong campaign ideas that speak directly to your target audience.

Method 2 – Invest in marketing, generating ads only on the channels where your audiene is present using the right tone of voice and ad copy that answers your audience pain points.

Method 3 – In line with your product/collection launches invest in influencers marketing if that relates to your audience, ensuring you partner with influencers within the same demographic, as well as increase your PR efforts to gain coverage on podcasts or on editorials where your audience hang out.

Method 4 – Improve your value stack and pricing proposition vs your competitors. Make your offer irresistible to your audience therefore they simply just cannot resist. For example product bundles, payment plans, buy 1 get 1 free etc