July 23, 2024


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Press Play: SEDRIC PERRY – Could This Be

Press Play: SEDRIC PERRY – Could This Be

Our friend NYC singer, songwriter and visual artist Sedric Perry shares his stunning new single ‘CTB (Could This Be)’, out everywhere now. Following the release of his previous two singles ‘CMB (Count My Blessings)’ and ‘FTS (Feel The Same)’ which was premiered on KALTBLUT Magazine, ‘CTB (Could This Be)’ is the latest single taken from Secric’s upcoming EP, set for release in early 2023.

Opening with a sultry piano melody, Sedric’s powerfully soulful vocals take centre stage on ‘CTB’. After spending time between Berlin and Senegal, Sedric recently returned to NYC where he finally felt a sense of home. The track was written about everyone he’s ever loved, and he hopes his listeners will find a sense of warmth and comfort in the lyrics. 

Sedric says, “I wanted something that felt like home. After being in Berlin and Senegal and feeling like my life was spinning out of control at some points, all of a sudden I was back in New York. And this song was speaking to me. I was grateful and calm again. This song just felt like a big hug from everyone I ever loved, whether they were here or not. I wanted to show this side of myself to people who’ve been listening for a while. To me, this song feels like home.

I want people to really feel the love I poured into it. I always try to put self-love and acceptance into my music, but I wanted to really express that it’s also okay to let people in and be vulnerable too. Love is a beautiful thing that comes in many shapes. Even when it’s tough or scary, we should lean into it. Everything moves so fast now and our attention spans are so short – we think we should always be somewhere other than where we are. “Could this Be” is your reminder to slow down and enjoy what’s in front of you right now?”

As a creative, breaking barriers have been at the forefront of Sedric Perry’s artistic expression. He is driven to create a more accepting and inclusive world. His art reflects the love he has for his community, and his previous single ‘CMB (Count My Blessings)’ is no different. Just one week after experiencing a hate crime in Senegal, Sedric removed his bandages and filmed the music video for CMB with the support of his tribe in Dakar. He decided to shift the narrative of the victim, back to one of strength and perseverance. “No matter what, it is my goal to push the conversation forward”.


You may recognise him from the critically acclaimed cult duo FHAT music. The brash queer duo made waves in Berlin, and turned heads among queer icons like Ru Paul and could be seen on HBO’s ‘We’re Here’. Last year his main projects (FHAT, Yuphoric, Sedric Perry) collectively received 6 million streams independently. His work can be seen on Billboard, Complex, and Gay Times Magazine. This year, he received a BMVA for his latest music video collaboration ‘Unbreakable Habits’. In spite of any setbacks which he reveals in the EP, he shows no signs of slowing down.