July 23, 2024


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My morning and night routine.

Hey hey!! It is absolutely good to be back to blogging after a long time and what would be best to catch up with writing other than Blogchatter? And here it is, My morning and night routine.

On a weekday (a school day) it all starts by waking up by 4:30 am! Yes, like you even I felt it was way too early but all mothers reading this, is it not very peaceful while you work in absolute silence? Asin we would have the coking sounds going on. But still.

The meal prep: 

Deciding what to prepare a night before is the best time saver. And No! I don’t ask kids what they want to have for their lunch boxes. I feel deciding it by myself is way too easy. And you all know what would happen if we let kids choose their lunch.

The amazing alone time: 

I am a mom of two and I so look forward to my alone time. Be it at 4:30 in the morning. Well, usually this time is used to brainstorm ideas for whatsoever project you are doing. Wish I could sit for writing something too.

The morning tea: 

My favorite! Yes, it’s like ha! This tea and me. I am not sure how many of you feel when you get the first tea/coffee perfectly. I love to enjoy my tea just sitting outside for a couple of minutes.


Now, this is not something I don’t do very often but when I do I enjoy it a lot. Having soft music in the background while working is the best. I usually listen to instrumentals or simply play a God’s song at a low volume.

Then comes the time to wake up kids! It is the same story for every mom reading this or any parent for that matter. It takes a while before kids wake up. I usually put their favorite rhyme or a song playing in the background, on the TV, or on their iPad. Yea, I have two kids and so two iPad.

The night routine:

Usually juggling between homework and dinner. My kids happen to be the early dinner people so I kind of wind up soon too. my evening routine includes homework mostly. It is the time when all the studies happen.

Kids off to bed: 

And this is the time we all wait for. Once they are off to bed, I would quickly jump to my cleaning if anything is remaining then to my favorites which are writing and mandala my new hobby. And call it a day by max 10:30 pm.

And here I end My morning and night routine.

Comment and let me know, how your routine is. I am sure as parents this is not an everyday thing. We have to be open to changes wherever needed. Would love to read how you make changes.

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