April 17, 2024


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How Long is Marvel’s Midnight Suns

Marvel's Midnight Suns Campaign Length

Marvel’s Midnight Suns will constantly confuse you about whether you are playing XCOM or XMen. Because instead of it being a typical superhero beat ’em up, it is a tactical role-playing game. Being developed by Firaxis Games, it heavily resembles and plays like XCOM because they both feature turn-based tactical combat. You are now stopping Lilith from claiming the Darkhold, leading you to the question of how long Marvel’s Midnight Suns is.

The game is based loosely on its comic book. It involves a team of superheroes fighting off all kinds of evil, including the main antagonist Lillith. The game features enough content that it can take up to 90 hours to fully explore.

Players are reporting that it took them around 60 hours to complete the game. Besides combat and completing side quests, this game has much more to do. Such as making friends with your teammates to dive deeper into their backstories. Or exploring The Abbey, which acts as a central lobby in this game.

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Average Playtime

These are the average playtimes that various reviewers have spent in order to complete the game’s full campaign.

IGN’s Dan Stapleton 

Dan reported that he spent around 60 hours in the game. However, he mentions that he surprisingly spent most of this time out of combat. Stapleton spent much of his time exploring the abbey, increasing the friendship and overall exploring the backstories of teammates.

Stapleton wrote that increasing these bonds can be beneficial, as it rewards you and your team with bonus cards that can help you aid in combat.

Jordan Ramée at GameSpot

Jordan reported that it took him around 45 hours to complete the game, which is less when compared to Stapleton. Still, much like Stapleton. Ramée spent countless hours in The Abbey. the game’s main lobby, where you can talk to teammates. Manage upgrades. And gather up your team for the upcoming mission. However, Ramée felt that the Avengers characters were underdeveloped and could be improved.

David Jenkins at Metro

David spent around 60 hours on the game’s primary campaign. However, Jenkins felt that the campaign was short and rushed. And could be improved because it just scratched the surface of what should have been the real thing.

Although he reported that the combat never failed to amaze him, it kept the charm alive. He reported that the upcoming battle pass should increase replayability a lot more and increase the player base.


We hope you got the answer to how long marvel’s midnight suns is. Because it seems that the game will take around 60 hours or more to fully explore everything, we hope this guide was helpful. If you are planning to pick this game up on the Steam Deck and are uncertain, make sure to check out our guide.

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