July 15, 2024


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Helping Students Become Change Makers – Bonus Episode with Sora Schools

Helping Students Become Change Makers – Bonus Episode with Sora Schools

In this episode, Garrett Smiley, the co-founder and CEO of Sora Schools, shares tips on how to help students become change makers and the importance of instilling critical thinking skills in our students to solve real-world issues. You’ll also hear about Sora Schools, an online high school that provides interdisciplinary learning experiences like project-based learning.

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Tips for Change Makers

  • Look for interdisciplinary connections in your curriculum.
  • Identify ways a project could deepen a student experience.
  • Ask students to make connections across classroom learning.

Sponsored by Sora Schools

This episode is brought to you by Sora Schools – the innovative middle and high school turning today’s students into tomorrow’s changemakers. With unbelievably fun classes – like the Physics of Shark Movement, The Philosophy of Anime, and Literature in Gaming – Sora empowers students with project-based, interdisciplinary curriculum built around their passions. Sora is fully-accredited, taught by the top 1% of faculty applicants, and boasts a 100% college acceptance rate. And with an exciting online learning platform, students can enroll no matter their state or school district. Sora Schools is currently enrolling for 2023! Check out SoraSchools.com.

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