May 18, 2024


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Georgia LTAC Nursing Jobs: Your Journey to Working and Adventure!

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Georgia LTAC nursing jobs are now in demand. Due to Georgia’s growing population, health facilities are having shortages on nurses. Another reason for this is because old nurses are retiring so they need new ones to replace them. Travel nurse agencies have been sending more nurses to work in Georgia and they are continually hiring.

Long term acute care facilities  need more nurses since they cater to patients who require close monitoring. Being a travel nurse is a big decision to make due to the fact that you will be leaving your home and be away from your home. However, travel nurse agencies have made some offers such as high pay and best support Georgia LTAC nursing jobs  that can let nurses think twice in getting the job.

How to Become a Long-Term Acute Care Travel Nurse?

  1. Should be a Registered Nurse

To be able to be qualified as a travel nurse you should be a registered nurse. LTAC duties needs a nurse who has taken up nursing degree and has passed the exam. Having a license can be proof that you are capable of doing the duties of an LTAC nurse. Apart from your RN license, State license is also required when you will work in a different state. Georgia issues state licenses that are valid for 50 states. It will be a better idea to get your state license in Georgia, so you can still facilitate it for future use.    

  1. Should have Work Experience

Experience is a way to be more familiar with the job you are about to handle as well as part of your training. Before getting a Georgia LTAC nursing job , you have to have at least one year experience in any medical facilities. 

  1. Should be Committed

All jobs need a worker who can commit to serve as much as he can. Same with LTAC nurses, since the facility they will be working highly needs their services, their commitment should be beyond expected. Taking care of patients who need constant care requires patience and willingness to stay as needed. It’s common for nurses to do overtime, so long hours should be normal for them and not a trouble at all.

What are the Benefits of Georgia LTAC nursing jobs?

  1. Good Pay

Although the compensation  in Georgia depends on location and specialization, it is surely higher than a regular nurse. You can choose cities where pay is higher. The good thing about working in Georgia is they have low cost of living. Therefore, even if your pay is not as high as other States you can still save since you have lower expenses when it comes to your daily needs. Hourly average pay starts from $33 per hour or it depends on the agreement you signed with your travel nurse agencies. Rates are disclosed even before you start working, so you can decline if you think the pay is not good enough for you.

  1. Overtime Pay and Bonuses 

Overtime is also based on hourly rate. Any hours exceeding 40 hrs/week is considered overtime. Bonuses are given every end of the year which will depend on your performance. It also varies depending on your specialization, since LTAC requires more skills, then bonuses are usually bigger. 

  1. Continuous Work Opportunities

Since Georgia LTAC nursing jobs are given per assignment and each assignment lasts for 3 or more weeks, travel nurse agencies make sure that job line ups are available for their LTAC nurses whose assignments are almost ending. What’s more, you can request for extension on the same facilities as long as both travel nurse and agency are fine with the eagreement. Travel nurse agencies take care of their nurses by maximizing job availability for them. They wouldn’t let their nurse go vacant for a long time not unless their nurse wanted to take a break. 

Working and traveling is not a common set up everyone can enjoy. If you are a nurse and you have the capability to join Georgia LTAC nursing jobs, then start now. Get qualified and fill the demands needed and practice your profession while enjoying the adventures you can have in Georgia. Try their most famous whitewater rafting while taking a break from your travel nurse job! Not everyone can experience work and pleasure at the same time. So better grab Georgia LTAC nursing jobs while it is still in demand.