July 23, 2024


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Fitness experts share diet tips to keep up your kidney health | Health

Keeping the kidneys healthy is not a big task because though their function is very complex, they are least demanding. Kidneys are the fist-sized organs located at the bottom of our rib cage, on both sides of the spine, that enables our body to filter and expel waste properly and produce hormones to make them function properly. 

Taking care of our kidneys is pivotal as for maintaining our overall health and general well-being as they are the amazing organs which not only purify the blood of various metabolic waste but also help in regulating blood pressure, maintaining health of the bones, maintaining normal haemoglobin (essential for transferring oxygen in the blood from lungs to the tissues) and maintaining the electrolytes in our body.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Vijay Thakkar, Fitness Entrepreneur and Functional Medicine Coach, shared, “To keep your kidney health up, you must first understand the difference between your wants and needs. You want good kidney health but fries, sugar, and sodium-loaded junks are something you crave. Advice is to try giving up on your needs to achieve your wants.”

Diet tips to keep up your kidney health:

Functional Medicine Coach Vijay Thakkar listed some incredible food suggestions that can help you promote your kidney health. These include:

1. Increase your water intake and reduce your sodium intake to keep up your kidney and even your overall health.

2. Protein can turn into your kidney’s enemy if you are already suffering from any sort of kidney disease like kidney stones, chronic kidney disease (CKD), etc. One gram of protein per kilogram per day is the right amount, never overdo it.

3. Processed, refined and packed foods lack natural fats, protein, fibrous carbs, while they are high in sugar. These high sugar foods cause swelling of blood vessels and organs, known as inflammation leading to cross-linking of proteins in the body. The absence of enzymes overlooking cross linking leads to degeneration of the kidney and formation of Advanced Glycation End (AGEs) Products causing accelerated ageing and malfunctioning of the body. Thus, stick to natural forms of foods such as raw fruits, vegetables, and stay away from highly processed foods.

4. Include Vitamin C-rich citrus fruits, spinach, and vegetables that are loaded with water content such as cucumber, banana stem, etc.

Highlighting that hypertension and diabetes are the two main causes of retarding kidney function, Dr G Prakash, Deputy- Chief Medical Officer at Jindal Naturecure Institute, asserted that it is important to manage both hypertension and diabetes in order to prevent kidney diseases. He said, “Preventive measures like maintaining a healthy weight through exercise and yoga and following a healthy diet can help avoid kidney failures.”

He too added to the kidney health diet list and advised:

1. A diet rich in fruits, veggies, low-fat dairy products, whole grains, beans, seeds and nuts should be consumed. Diet low in sodium, sugars and sweets, and fats is also suggested. Drink plenty of water and avoid alcohol.

2. For limiting sodium, sugars and sweets; you can avoid eating out and prefer eating home made food so that you can control the intake of these elements. If eating out well research in advance from restaurants website or request for adding less sodium/ sweet/ oil etc. If eating packaged products check the calorie count, sodium content.

3. If you have a kidney problem, avoid high protein diet as eating more protein makes your kidneys work harder.