June 23, 2024


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Driving With Family: Safety Tips You Can’t Ignore (Infographic)

Baby parenting

When you introduce a new family member into your life, you inspect everything to ensure your little one stays safe.   Your car is no exception. The below infographic from Hussey-Fraser takes you through key car safety advice for children.  The guidelines outline essential do’s and don’ts to guarantee a safe road journey for the whole family.

When considering child car safety, the first priority should be child restraints. 96 countries currently have laws regarding child restraints and booster seats in cars.  The chief reason is that car seats have been proven to reduce the risk of death in a crash by about 70% for infants and up to 80% for small children.   Ensure that children always have their restraint and seat secured before taking off.  If they somehow manage to wriggle out, come to a safe stop and don’t move on until they are safely secured again.

Another major hazard facing children in cars is heat stroke. Research has shown that children are at a much higher risk as their body temperature increases 3 – 5 times faster than adults.  Never leave children unattended in cars, especially in hot weather. Before setting off, get into the habit of “looking before you lock” just to make sure that you haven’t left anyone behind.

If you are a new parent and in the process of selecting your first family car, the guide also offers key considerations that factor into a purchase.  For example, one thing you can do is to check whether it is possible to lock the back windows from the front. Small children love playing with window buttons and this can be a distraction to the driver.

Confused about rear facing vs forward facing vs booster seats vs booster cushions?  Use this cheatsheet to discover what your child needs.

Once you get that baby on board, drive safely!


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