July 14, 2024


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Developing Your Art Style Through Experimentation — Caryl Fine Art

Developing Your Art Style Through Experimentation — Caryl Fine Art

2. Play at Improvisation

Have you ever taken an improv class? This strikes fear in many people, while others find it a fantastic experience. Artists can borrow from the improv playbook by using the “yes and…” prompt.

Improv players use this prompt to build on the storyline that has been tossed to them. For example, they are told, “You are a pregnant woman giving birth in a convenience store.” The “yes and…” that the player creates changes the story and moves it forward: “…and the store is filled with clowns.”

In your artwork, you can use this to take your paintings into new and surprising directions. Look at a painting that is almost complete. What kind of “yes and…” can you create that would radically change the final version of the piece (while making you smile)? Would you rip it up and collage it back together? Would you overlay something completely different on part of it? Would you turn it upside down and start painting that way?

This is True Creativity

You may think, Caryl, I’m going to make a bunch of wacky art this way and it’ll be a waste of time and resources.

Au contraire, my friend.  While many of the experiments that you create will not lead to your authentic art style, some of them will move the ball down the field. And if you want to talk about wasting time, think about that time spent on the internet looking at other artists’ work rather than getting experimental in your own studio! 

I’d love to hear about the results of your experiments. What kind of mashups are you planning? Do you want some guidance and added support in this area? Join The Painterly Way, my monthly membership—doors are only open for two more days, until November 11th!

One of the valuable parts of this membership includes exercises that help artists to develop their own unique style while experimenting with a variety of proven painting techniques. I have exciting new projects in store for you, along with helpful small group transformation discussions and critiques. I’d love to see you in the membership and watch your artistry further develop and grow!