July 23, 2024


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Deciding what jewelry item to wear

Deciding what jewelry item to wear

Who one is and what one wears reflect one’s personality, values, and morals. So, in the same way, that one puts time and effort into choosing the ideal outfit, one should do the same regarding their jewelry. But, unfortunately, picking out the perfect item to compliment that outfit is not a task for the faint-hearted, so to ensure you have the ideal outfit, first look at some shops or online stores like sleeves or men’s clothing stores to get an idea as to how the brands pair jewelry items with different types of outfits. 

Decisions, decisions, and more decisions

Before one can even start looking at what type of jewelry item to wear, one must decide what the event is and whether there is a dress code. Once that is determined, one must choose an outfit to wear to the event. For example, should one go to a cocktail party, one may opt for a below-the-knee dress with some simple earrings and a choker. However, if one is going to a formal wedding wearing a halter neck dress, one will instead draw attention to earrings and bracelets because a necklace will take away from the halter neckline. In the same way, if the dress has a lot of detail and one wants that to be the main focus, one will not choose a sparkly necklace to attract too much attention. However, if the dress is plain and straightforward, a glamorous and shiny necklace will balance out the simplicity of the dress very nicely.

Consider these aspects when making a choice as well.

Scale is significant when choosing the right jewelry accessory. For example, one does not want to wear big, chunky earrings with a vast, heavy necklace (especially if the person wearing them is more petite) as they appear unbalanced. Another essential aspect when choosing the perfect jewelry accessory is considering the color of the outfit one plans to wear. For example, if one chooses plain gold or silver accessories, these can go with any color. However, an emerald green dress will not look nice with yellow earrings and a purple necklace. Remember, you do not have to wear the same color as the outfit; using complementary colors is just as important.

If you want to draw all attention to the neck, then a big glamorous necklace is the way to go. Keep in mind that sometimes less is more. For formal events, simplicity is elegance.  

No matter what, just do you!

You must feel confident and comfortable in what you wear. If you prefer something more flashy, go for it! Or if you want to wear delicate jewelry items, wear that with pride. Dress up for the event, add that jewelry item, and enjoy your time!