May 18, 2024


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BMW M CEO says there is room for a BMW M4 CS in the lineup

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A second generation BMW M4 CS might be on the way. During an interview with BMW M CEO Frank Van Meel, we learned that the performance division might be considering a second generation of the M4 CS based on the new G82 platform. “We had an M3 CS and M4 CS in the past, and we always said we have this regular competition CS and CSL letter, ” van Meel said. “And we don’t have a CS right now [in the M4 lineup] so there’s still room.”

All-Wheel Drive and Automatic Only

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Of course, that’s not a full confirmation of a potential BMW M4 CS, but it’s an indication that a BMW M4 CS is at least in planning stages, if not further than that. The focus in the last few months has been on the BMW M4 CS which is quickly approaching its unveil time. If and when it arrives on the market, the BMW M4 CS will most certainly follow in the footsteps of the G80 M3 CS.

A potential BMW M4 CS would produce around 540 horsepower, which puts it right below the 550 horsepower of the 2023 BMW M4 CSL. Furthermore, a new M4 CS would only be available with the xDrive all-wheel system and automatic gearboxes. Furthermore, the BMW M4 CS will be lighter than the Competition models, thanks to a wide range of standard carbon fiber parts. Just don’t expect the weight savings seen in the M4 CSL, so likely only around 30-40 kilograms lower.

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BMW M4 CSL kidney grille

The body kit will also be shared with the G80 M3 CS. We expect a carbon fiber lip and yellow racing lights at the front. Of course, there will most likely be a new set of wheels. In the back, we expect a new carbon fiber spoiler, also specific to CS models. The kidney grille is motorsport-inspired, just like the one on the M4 CSL.

There are no major changes expected inside. Bucket seats are expected in the front with a normal bench in the back. iDrive 8 and a large curved display are also part of the M4 CS package.

Of course, all these additions compared to the competition model will bring a higher price tag as well. Therefore, we expect the BMW M4 CS models to cost at least $90,000 -$100,000 considering that the M4 Competition start in the $70,000 range. [Top image:]