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38 Gifts for Friends Going Traveling for all Budgets

38 Gifts for Friends Going Traveling for all Budgets

Travel Clothing

There are a number of brands I love for travel clothes.  I’ve tested out many, but the ones I always love are Title Nine,  Kuhl, Prana, and Exofficio are at the top of my list.  They are a companies that focus on comfortable clothes that are often quick drying and sustainable fabrics.   However I also have a few new items I’ve been trying out this year that have won me over!

26. Anatomie Lightweight Travel Coat

gifts for friends going traveling jackets

I am in love with this Anatomie coat.  It’s lightweight, totally fashionable, and really comfortable.  It’s a mix of stretchy soft fleece fabric and a slick waterproof paneling.  Anatomie is a high end travel clothing line that I was just introduced to.  Light weight and wrinkle free, I love all of their styles.  However I find that I”m not the right shape to fit into their many cute pairs of pants sadly.  Check out their entire travel clothing line!

27. Compression Socks for Travel

compression socks for travel

This is a travel gift idea that can save someone’s life.  As you are probably aware, I had a very big scare recently with blood blots  that formed during a long haul flight.  I could have easily died; and many people do.  Ever since I made it through that experience, I have been a huge advocate of wearing compression socks on any flight over 3 hrs.  Along with things like getting up and moving around, they will reduce your chance of contracting blood clots. Every traveler needs a pair of these!

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My top pick

VIM & VIGR Compression Socks & Sleeves

28. The Perfect Travel Pants

best travel pant vuori joggers

I fly a lot.  And when you fly as much as I do you want to be comfortable.  I’ve been testing out various pairs of ‘flying pants’ this year and have come up with my favorite.  Try out the comfortable and super soft Vuori Peformance Joggers. They are like butter!

29. LuluLemon Vinyasa Scarf

travel scarf gift idea

I had my eye on this scarf for over a year before I finally purchased it.  First – I love anything reversible – just about as much as I love products that have dual uses – and this awesome scarf is both.  It’s not just a scarf – it’s a little shrug, a blanket, a poncho – there are multiple ways to wear it.  The fabric is super soft and I always carry it onto the plane for when I inevitably get cold.

30. Point6 Socks

My feet sweat a lot – but I’ve found a solution! Point6 wool socks are GREAT for travel. They dry really fast, don’t hold odor, and they stay warm in the cold and are cooling in the heat. Because they don’t get smelly, I only have to take a couple of pair in my suitcase. I run in them, hike in them, and wear them to bed when my feet are cold and have no one to snuggle with. They are the only socks I travel with!

Point6 Essential Crew Sock

The cozy merino wool cushioning next to the skin insulates the foot from hot spots. Now featuring 37.5 Technology to keep you dry in the office or on the mountain.

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31. Branwyn Wool Underwear

Merino wool outdoor gear trends

Merino wool has made it to underwear. Once again merino is a great fabric for underwear thanks to its natural ability to resist odor. Plus – they dry super fast for washing in the middle of your trip. Really – I take half the underwear that I used to on trips with this miracle fabric! Branwyn has focused on making undies and bras made from this miracle fabric! If you are still skeptical about wool underwear – Branwyn has a ‘First Pair Guarantee’ that allows you to try 1 pair of each unique style/size/color on your first order, and return risk-free within 14 days of receiving your order.

32. Wallaroo Hats

This was one of my absolute favorite finds this year – Wallaroo hats! If you have followed me on social media then you know that I love hats; I normally pack at least 2 for each trip! They are perfect for sun protection, when I’m too lazy to shower, and bad hair days that happen frequently when I travel! Wallaroo is a Colorado company that specializes in sun protective hats that remain stylish. Each hat has SPF in them to help protect against skin cancer. Check out their many styles!

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Favorite Brand – Woman Owned

Wallaroo Hats

Wallaroo Hats

I love all of their styles and normally always have at least 2 of their different hats with me on every trip I take! All of their styles offer superb sun protection. The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends the material of every Wallaroo hat with a UPF rating and a 3+ inch brim as an effective UV protectant. Plus – they have so many fashionable styles!

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I earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

33. Tubes/Buffs

Buffs/Tubes are great for so many uses – a hat, scarf, eye mask, tube top, wash cloth, helmet liner and even handkerchief. My favorite brand I’ve recently used is Turtle Fur. They have some of the softest fabric around – and you want it to be soft if it’s around your neck or head! I’ve used mine for every single one of those situations… and never leave ‘home’ without it!